Terms & Conditions


  • Programmes begin every week throughout the year except for 2 weeks at Christmas when the school is closed. In 2022 these dates are from Saturday 17th December 2022 – Monday 2nd January 2023 inclusive. Programmes restart on Tuesday 3rd January 2023.
  • On public holidays the centre will be closed and there will be no training. These dates in 2022 are Friday 15th April – Monday 18th April (Easter), Monday 2nd May (Early May Holiday), Thursday 2nd June – Friday 3rd June (Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Holiday), and Monday 29th August (Late Summer Holiday). If you are with us over any of these periods you will not be charged for these days however you will still be charged for homestay accommodation.
  • Because our programmes are 1:1 you can start and finish on any day to suit your travel arrangements. We will charge each part-week pro-rata.

Payments / VAT

  • Deposit : You must pay a deposit of GBP£ 300 with your application form (deducted from your final balance payment).
  • You must pay the balance 3 weeks before your programme begins.
  • If your programme begins in less than 3 weeks you must pay 100% in advance.
  • VAT Tax : Currently there is no VAT tax on our fees due to the nature of the overall activity of the parent company, Worcester Education Limited. If this situation changes we reserve the right to add VAT at the current rate.


  • Training sessions take place at times and on days shown on the relevant web pages. It is your responsibility to arrange any travel outside of these times to avoid missing any training.
  • The minimum age of participants is 25 years. There is no maximum.
  • Insurance cover is provided for company premises and vehicles. We strongly recommend that you arrange your own insurance for your possessions, cancellation and medical expenses. Please see our section on cancellation charges below.
  • During your stay you may be included in photographs to be used in brochures, on the website or in other media. If you do not want to be shown in any pictures please let us know on your first day.
  • We expect all participants to obey the rules of the centre and the laws of the United Kingdom, to respect the staff and fellow participants, and to behave in an acceptable manner at all times. If you do not we may ask you to leave immediately without any refund of training or accommodation fees.


  • All programmes are classified as work-related training which on the UK government website is defined as “any training course or other activity which is designed to impart, instil, improve or reinforce any knowledge, skills, or personal qualities which: are, or are likely to prove, useful to the employee when performing their duties”
  • Work-related training can be undertaken on a Standard Visitor visa for up to 6 months provided this is not available in your own country. Because a key feature of our programmes is that you are immersed in an English speaking evironment we consider it unlikely that this training will be found abroad in a non-native English speaking country
  • If you are from a ‘visa national’ country (for example Turkey or Venezuela) then you should apply for a Standard Visitor visa
  • If you are from a ‘non-visa national’ country (for example from the European Union) then you do not need to apply for a visa but you must still abide by the Standard Visitor visa rules as though you did require one.
  • If the main purpose of your visit is to attend a programme at Worcester School then you must state that the reason for your visit to the UK is ‘on business to attend work-related training’
  • If you are visiting the UK for other reasons primarily (for example on vacation or to visit your company’s UK office) then you should state those reasons for coming to the UK. You are permitted to join a Worcester School programme whilst in the UK for other reasons

Skills Weekend Accommodation

Because the Skills Weekend programme takes place over the weekend there are special rules regarding your accommodation and how it is charged :

  • If you take the Skills Weekend with a regular weekday programme your homestay accommodation is added to your normal programme – extra days are charged “pro-rata”.
  • If you take the Skills Weekend by itself there is a minimum homestay accommodation charge of 3 nights at the appropriate rate. This covers the weekend, from arrival on a Friday to departure on a Monday.
  • If you choose to stay in a hotel you just pay for the appropriate number of nights in the hotel.

Cancellations / Changes

Training Fees

  • Before your programme begins we will refund all of the money we have received from you less any expenses incurred by us. We always try to minimise these expenses, however we may need to make compensation payments as well as paying postage and similar charges.
  • After your programme has started we do not refund any money. In the case of your critical illness or a close family critical illness or death we will usually offer you a credit for any unused part of your training and accommodation to use at any time in the future. In this case any credit offered is at the discretion of the company. We strongly recommend you take out insurance to cover cancellation if you do not want to be subject to this condition.
  • Force Majeure : If we have to cancel your programme due to an unforeseen event then we will offer you a credit on the remaining part of your training and accommodation fees to be taken at such time as we are able to offer you a replacement programme.


  • If you cancel your programme 1 week or less before it starts we will automatically pay the homestay family one week in compensation
  • If you want to change homestay at any time after you arrive we require 1 whole week’s notice from the following weekend (or payment instead)
  • If you have booked a hotel and you want to change or cancel your hotel reservation the contract is between you and the hotel so you will have to observe the hotel’s cancellation policy.

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