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Worcester School of English is run by husband and wife team, Rick and Sue Johns. They live in a small village 10km from Worcester – the place where their English language teaching business started over 30 years ago. They are in school (almost!) every day to look after you and make sure everything runs smoothly, and their passion for providing a ‘wow’ service means you are assured of a great time.

Rick Johns

Rick Johns

Director / School Manager

Rick is a BSc Hons. graduate of Electronic & Electrical Engineering from Birmingham University, UK. He worked for oilfield services company Schlumberger in Venezuela and Colombia. Following assignments in Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Indonesia and South Africa he was back home to build the house where he and his family still live. His variety of experience means he knows how you may feel coming to a foreign country (maybe for the first time) and he will always be around to help.
Sue Johns

Sue Johns

Director / Academic Manager

Sue has a Diploma in teaching English (DELTA) and is a BA Hons graduate of English & History, also from Birmingham University, UK, where she met Rick. After gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education she spent several years teaching in secondary schools in the UK before joining Rick abroad where she taught English. On returning to the UK, Sue started her own English school with the single aim of being the best – and that still applies over 30 years later – today!

We’re Committed to Quality

Having been working to the Accreditation UK (British Council accreditation) system for the last 30 years means we only know how to do things properly. The scheme classifies the functions within a school into certain areas. At Worcester School of English responsibility for these areas divides as follows :

Rick looks after :

Management – Strategic and quality mangement
Management – Student administration
Management – Publicity

Premises and resources – Premises and facilities

Welfare and student services – Leisure opportunities

Sue looks after :

Management – Staff management and development

Premises and resources – Learning resources

Teaching and learning – Academic staff profile
Teaching and learning – Academic management
Teaching and learning – Course design and implementation
Teaching and learning – Learner management

Welfare and student services – Care of students
Welfare and student services – Accommodation

So you can see that if you want to discuss any aspects of your stay with us in Worcester, the people who are responsible are right there with you in the coffee breaks! We’re always around to make sure your course is rewarding and enjoyable.

Our Associate Teaching Staff

All of our associates at Worcester School of English are experienced professionals that we have known for many years. Most of them are graduates and many of them have the DELTA qualification – the highest level for teaching English as a Foreign Language. More importantly, all of our associates are mature adults with lots of ‘life experience’ so you will find them easy to get along with and your common outlook will enable you to make fast progress toward achieving your goals.


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