Become a Homestay Host Family in Worcester

We are always on the lookout for new homestay host families in Worcester to join our team. The students are either adults (year-round) or juniors (aged 13-17 yrs) in the summer, mainly from European countries, and have a reasonable level of English. Hosting foreign students can be a very rewarding experience, both for you and your family. Students bring a new dimension to your family life and will join in with your everyday schedule.

What does ‘homestay’ mean?

You may have heard the terms “host family” and “homestay” and wondered what they mean.

Traditionally the term host family was used to describe those who hosted students. Over time hosts have evolved from being “mother plus father plus children” into being single people (male or female), single parents (male or female), and couples (married or not).

It is more appropriate to use the term homestay which describes the student’s experience rather than the people they are staying with!

Requirements for being a homestay family

You need to be available for the whole of a course period – if a student has booked for say 3 weeks you need to host them for the whole period. If you have a holiday booked half way through let us know when you are offered a student.
You are expected to provide a friendly, welcoming environment, own bedroom, shared bathroom, breakfast and evening meal every day, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday if the student is at home.
You must live within Worcester city boundary and be on a bus route to the city centre if not within walking distance as the students will need to get to lessons every day as well as social events on some evenings.
The payment is ‘per person per week’. See the Pay Rates below for details. Payments are made every two weeks directly into your bank account.

Please note :

We have ‘cluster’ areas of the city where we like to put students. This is so they can walk in and out of the city centre every day, and so that when they organise evening activities together the meeting arrangements are simpler. Our cluster areas are Barbourne/Northwick, St.Johns, and Battenhall/London Road. Having said that, if you live in an area within easy walking distance of the city centre not mentioned, please do get in touch!

We hope that we can place a student with you but cannot guarantee this – even once you are accepted on our register. Like any market place, we are subject to supply and demand of both students and homestay families, but we will always do our best for you.

How to Apply

Please read the requirements so you know what is required. If you have any questions please contact us.

Fill in the online form

If you are able to meet the requirements outlined then please fill in the contact us form.

Arrange a home visit

Once we have received your form we will contact you to arrange to visit your home. If you meet the requirements for hosting our students we will ask you to sign our Code of Practice and we will add you to our register.

Allocation of students

We try to meet any requirements indicated by students on their application form (some may specifically want to share a room with a friend, or to be in a homestay without pets etc).

Pay Rates for Hosting Students

Hosting students is not all about the money, though ‘every little helps’ as the saying goes! Whilst hosting won’t make you rich financially, it should at least cover your additional costs in having a guest in your home.

We do not profit from the accommodation charge. What the student pays to us we pass on to you. There is no ‘accommodation arrangement’ fee either!

Because we cater to different types of student (age, needs, diet, expectations) we have different categories of homestay accommodation. We present these on our website and it is up to our students to choose which one they want.

  • Regular £175.00/week
  • Premium £231.00/week
  • Executive £294.00/week

Electronic payments are made on the first Tuesday after the student begins their course. We pay in 2-week batches, so if your student is with you 4 weeks you will receive 2 payments, one in week 1 and another in week 3.

The rate covers 7 nights. Often students arrive on a Sunday and leave on a Saturday. In this case it’s your good fortune and we still pay you the full weekly rate. If your student arrives and leaves on a Saturday or Sunday you should regard this as what they’ve paid for – please don’t ask for an extra night’s money.

Homestay Documents

Please feel free to download and read the attached documentation. If you have any questions please get in touch by filling in the contact us form.

Please get in touch to express your interest in becoming a Worcester School homestay